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About Seaview

Seaview Sporting Dogs is located in bountiful Sonoma County, California among the grapevines, just moments from the Pacific Ocean and a few short hours from the Sierra Nevada mountains.

We are dedicated to breeding Wirehaired Pointing Griffons as they were originally envisioned by Eduard Korthals to be the ultimate walking hunter's versatile gun dog. We strive to continually improve the breed by strictly adhering to both the WPG's Conformation and Working Standards and by placing the highest priorities on good health and sound temperaments. We participate in a few AKC confirmation shows, but upland hunting is our passion and field abilities are the true focus of our breeding program.

To further this goal, we began importing WPG's from France in 2015. Our hope was to expand the available gene pool in North America and to produce a line of WPG's with a very high level of hunting drive that are wonderful family dogs and that can also win in AKC confirmation shows. Understanding the long term nature of our goals, we are thrilled to be well on our way!

About Carroll Kemp


After growing up in the rural South in a family that trained English Pointers and hunted often, living in Los Angeles producing studio feature films and working as a film agent for almost two decades, I relocated to the coastal area of Sonoma County to pursue my interests in winemaking. Now, after founding and selling my first winery, Red Car Wine Company, as it reached twenty years, I am the winemaking partner of Alma Fria, a winery located in the West Sonoma Coast.


A desire to instill a love of land and a strong conservation ethos in my two sons led me back to upland hunting and versatile hunting dogs. In 2014, we got our first Griffon. It was my initial experience with the breed and it was a revelation to witness such "human-esque" personalities, gentle temperaments, and hard nosed hunting desire in the same dog. I was inspired.


Since then, I have imported several Griffons from France, bred multiple litters and hunted countless hours with my dogs in California, Idaho and Nevada. Along the way, I have served as the Vice-President of the Northern California chapter of the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) and President of the American Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Association (AWPGA). Today, I am focused on continuing the legacy of Eduard Korthals by producing pups that can hunt hard all morning, win in the confirmation ring that afternoon and sleep quietly in the family house that night - a true all purpose, hunting companion.



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